Coffee filters

If you are not sure about which filters to choose for your coffee making then follow this guide to choosing the right coffee filter.

Everyone enjoys a cup of coffee with their friends, family and with their loved ones. Whenever someone talks about having a coffee, it is often with a hint of excitement. Someone may or may not be aware that whether it will be having a proper taste or not. The addiction of coffee among people is at an extent level that no one can control it.

The addiction is alright but before having a coffee we must make sure that we are having the right filtered coffee. There are few people who take this matter lightly, for them choosing the proper filter coffee can be difficult.

Comparison Between a Bleached and Unbleached Coffee Filters

Bleached coffee Filter

Bleached coffee filters which contains a simple white paper. It goes through a process that make it appear white. You can see any common paper does not have a white color. Chlorination and oxygenation are the two main materials for bleaching process. This filter goes through a process of either chemical bleaching using chlorine or by using oxygen to bleach it. Using oxygen to bleach is considered better for the environment and usually considered better quality of the two. Bleaching does not affect the taste of the coffee is the minuscule amounts it is used.

Unbleached coffee Filter

If you go for the unbleached coffee filters, they do not have that shining white look that the bleached filters have and the plus side is that are more environmentally friendly. Paper in the unbleached filter is brown and the filter has to be rinsed using cold water before using it to ensure that no papery taste is introduced to your coffee. Just place the filter into your pour-over  and then pour a little bit of water through it making sure that the whole filter is wet. Next add the grinds and brew you pour-over coffee as normal.

Things to Consider When Using Bleached and Unbleached Coffee Filters

  • Bleaching does not change taste in the coffee – People think that by using bleached and unbleached filter will have changes in the taste of your coffee. But when they have the coffee, they do not find a change and think how it is possible. The actual thing is that it does not matter which filter you are choosing as the coffee taste would remain the same.
  • The quality of filter is important – Sometimes we see that the bleached and unbleached filters have a little change on the coffee taste. The most critical thing is the quality of the filter which you purchase. Do not think that this is a costly filter so it would matter me a lot. You purchase the costly filter it might make the taste of your coffee better.
  • The filter should be thicker – Make sure that the paper in the filter is thicker. In the thinner filters you will see that the water passes to fast through it, which makes a huge impact on the brewing process. This impact will cause a change in the quality of the taste of the coffee. If the filter is thicker it will cost more, but it does not matter. The most important thing is to get the proper taste of the coffee.
  • Cost – You have known that you have to buy the proper quality filter no matter whether it is a bleached or unbleached. The unbleached filters is often more expensive than the bleached filters but if you want to buy a cheaper filter, then you can choose a bleached filter.  We all love the environment and we do not want to harm it, so for those of us that want to do our part in minimizing the environmental impact in any way we can, the unbleached coffee filter is preferable, but then again it will it will cost you a bit more.

Paper Filters Versus Metal filters

Paper filters are fairly inexpensive and for those that just make an occasional cup of coffee they are alright, but for those that are heavy drinkers of coffee a metal filter or some other type of reusable filter should be considered. The metal filters and the reusable filters are much more expensive but they will last longer and might save you money in the long run plus they have a much more positive impact on the environment than the paper ones.

When using metal filters there are oils that seep through and into the coffee that carry a lot of taste, but these oils also oxidize fairly quick and they change the taste of the coffee in the process. There have been some health concerns about the oils as they are considered to raise cholesterol levels, or the LDL levels which is a harmful type of cholesterol.

The reusable metal filters have higher maintenance as they need to be cleaned after each use were as the paper filters can simply be thrown in the trash straight away.

There are many types of permanent filters available and it´s hard to make a choice which are the best ones, but the following two filters can be considered when buying a permanent filter.

Medelco Cone Permanent Coffee Filter

This coffee filter is made from surgical grade stainless steel which makes it highly durable and really enhances the taste of your coffee. Cleaning it is easy and it´s also easy to maintain. When making coffee with this filter there are minimal residual leftovers in the cup and it filters the grounds thoroughly without compromising the taste or the aroma of the coffee.

Cuisinart GTF Gold Tone Filter

The Cuisinart filter is designed so it is able to fit most types of basket-style coffee makers. It is really easy to clean under running water and it can also be cleaned in your dishwasher. The taste of the coffee is bright and fresh as it seems to enhance the taste of the coffee.

Most people prefer to buy paper filters as they are simply easier to use than the metal ones and the following two types of filters are worth considering when buying paper filters.

Hario V60 Misarashi Coffee Paper Filter

This paper filter is very durable and very easy to use and fits well into cone shaped drippers. The residual leftovers in the coffee are nonexistent and the taste and aroma are very good.

Chemex Bonded Unbleached Pre-folded Square Coffee Filters

This filter also filters out any residues to give you a bright and sparkling looking cup of coffee instead of a murky one. The paper it´s made from is durable which allows the coffee to be properly infused giving you a cup of rich and smooth coffee.

It really is a matter of personal choice which filter you choose, for stronger flavored coffee a metal filter would be ideal, while paper filter tends to filter the coffee better. If money is a factor then buying a paper filter might suit you better than the more expensive metal filter. But whichever filter you choose remember that they are only a part of the process of making a good cup of coffee, not the deciding factor.