The Science of the Coffee Bloom and What Factors Affect the Bloom

Most people just like to make a simple cup of coffee in their home, which they refer to as homemade coffee. Sometimes people venture to make the coffee as in the coffeshops, with mixed results. This way people don’t get the actual taste of a real coffee. Making good quality coffee is not as hard as in can seem at first glance,  there are just a few basic rules you have to follow.

There is a little bit of science to learn in order to make better coffee, and when you know the science behind making the coffee then your coffee will be much tastier than a local café’s coffee. There is a process known as coffee bloom which most of people are not aware of it. You might think that is a very tough process, but it is nothing like that and the process is easy.

What is a Coffee Bloom?

You can say it is a process where there are fast bubbling of gases and the coffee grounds. It comes out during the roasting procedure and it´s generated by CO2 getting trapped in the bean by the heat of the roasting procedure. Over time these gasses are discharged by process called “degassing” and around 40% is discharged in the first 24 hours and the rest in 2-14 days. When you start to grind the beans theses gasses escape at a higher rate so if you use the ground coffee soon after grinding it will give your cup a nice flavor and a texture.

When you then pour hot water onto the ground coffee the carbon dioxide is released at a faster rate and creating the bloom effect. After roasting the coffee it is best to store the beans whole and just grind them as you need them. There are a few good grinders available that come to mind to make the job easy, but if any grinder is worth a mention for home use it is the Baratza Encore Burr Coffee Grinder. If you notice that the coffee does not bloom it can either be stale or it could have been over roasted.

Factors That Affect Coffee Blooming

There are a few factors that can affect the blooming process  These are the factors that change the rate where gases are eliminated from the beans after the roasting process.

  • The temperature of roasting If the beans are placed in a warm place the gases will eliminate as soon as possible. But if you are placing the beans in normal room temperature, then there are chances of being decayed.
  • Humid If the beans are kept free from humidity, then the gases will get easily eliminated. The more you place it at a humid level, there are chances where deadly diseases can take place. The best thing is to find the perfect place in the humid levels so that you can easily protect your beans from deadly disease.
  •  Level of Roasting The level of roasting will have a greater impact on the bloom. The dark roast can go through less releasing of gases. In other types of roast, you will find that there will be more release of gas.
  •  Origination of beans The origination of beans plays an important role in coffee blooming. There are some coffees that require the process of gas releasing. This is why this factor is much more important.
  •  The hardness of beans This is also a very important factor to ensure the hardness. If the bean is harder then it is too tough for the gases to get into the bean.

How do you bloom ?

The main thing is to place hot water on top of the coffee so they can become moist, but do not pour it before the brewing process. How you can do this it depends on the type of coffee making machine that you are using.

Pouring Over

Try to pour extremely warm water on the coffee starting from outside and then taking it in between. Just use a small quantity of water. All you want is your coffee to become submerged. Let it set for a minute before making the cup of your coffee.

French Press Method

By this method, you can slowly put a little quantity of warm water on a coarsely grounded coffee. Make sure that the bloom is there for at least a few seconds, Thoroughly stir it with a spoon to make sure that the grinds are being absorbed with water. This way you can easily complete your normal brewing process.

Automatic Dripping Coffee Machine

Place the filter in the machine’s basket and then add the ground coffee to it. Add as much water as you can, but it cannot exceed the limit then it will fall through the filter. Just let it set for at least 90 seconds then you can easily follow the brewing process. This machine is one of the best one where the coffee blooming process can be easily done.

So, we have known how the coffee blooming process works and the science behind it. If you want a better flavor coffee then you have to follow this process. The machines are nowadays available in the market which will make the process easier.