What to do With Leftover Coffee Grinds

what to do with leftover coffee

You may ask yourself what to do with leftover coffee grinds ?  There are many things you can do with the leftover grinds and in our effort to reduce waste as much as we can, you can try the following tips.

Cook with the leftover coffee

If you think that you have little coffee left and it can be used as a flavored coffee juice, you can use it to marinate any meat items. While you are making any desert try to use it as a perfect garnishing. An example of the desert includes tiramisu. You can also make coffee flavored oats for your breakfast which is very healthy. One of the major reason is that the flavor of coffee can add additional acidity to the food which you are making. It is used as a substituting agent instead of the vinegar. You can make your coffee flavored sauce. You can use the coffee flavor for your cooking in this best manner.

Coffee as an ingredient for baking

Leftover coffee can be used as when you are baking cakes. You can switch for coffee instead of water in a chocolate cake or brownie for a lip licking treat. If you are not using coffee as an ingredient try to dust it in pastries. The best part is try coffee icing on top of choco chip cookies. The procedure is to place the coffee inside the fridge and save it so that the baking can be done safely. Do not keep it at any room temperature. If you keep it at a room temperature, then you will see that while having the cake you will get the old coffee flavor.

Make ice cubes of coffee

If you want to have ice coffee then this is the better way. Put the leftover coffee in an ice cube tray and place it inside the deep freezer. Freeze the leftover coffee throughout the night. This way you can enjoy a cold cup of ice coffee.

Make coffee smoothie

With coffee ice cubes you can also make smoothies. Just mix coffee ice cubes, any fruit and a glass of milk in a mixture grinder and blend it for a nice coffee treat. For an extra tasty flavor you can add a drinking chocolate powder.

Coffee for watering plants

It is not necessary that leftover coffee can be used only in kitchen. You can also use it for watering the plants. If you grow acid related plants like Gardenias, Fothergillas etc. the coffee flavor will help them grow rapidly. But make sure that you do not give over-watering to your plants it can cause harm from the coffee water. Make sure while watering that leaves do not get yellow or a brown color, if this thing happens then it will start decaying.

Show your creativity with coffee water

We always think that coffee stain will spoil the whole thing. There should be a reason of coffee staining. There are many creative artists who use coffee as their paint. In many artistic exhibitions you will see coffee painting. We can say that it is a smart thing to do and the most cheap. So to have a brown color in your painting you can use a leftover coffee as your color.

Upgrade your hair root

The liquid coffee has a lot of benefits on your hair root. If you see that there is dandruff in your hair then you can use it. It gives you a healthy and a soft textured hair. If you are having very light colored hair do not use it.

Can be used as a wood stain

There are people who likes wood staining. The best thing you can do is apply sand on the wood and some coffee paint. Try to make more coatings as possible.

Use it in fruit salad

Leftover coffee can be mostly used in fruit salads. If you are adding coffee to your fruit salad, then it can work as a proper texture.

Make a coffee ice cream

You can easily make a coffee flavored ice cream with some leftover coffee. Just add a little bit of liquid coffee on top of a vanilla ice cream you will get the coffee flavor. This way you can easily make coffee ice cream.

Now that you know what to do with leftover coffee grinds there no need to waste them ever again

Things to do With Leftover Coffee Grounds

Growing of mushrooms
You a can easily grow mushrooms with coffee grounds. Most of the people can try this thing. You do not have to purchase mushrooms from the market. You fill the coffee ground in a container for a longer period, you will find that mushrooms can grow there easily.

Get free from bad smell
One you brew up the coffee, you can use the leftover grounds so that you can get rid of the bad smell which you are getting from your fridge. So you can place the leftover grounds inside the fridge, as it kills all the bacteria and the other deadly diseases. It is like a room freshner used for freshening your room.

Kill most of the insects
There are few things in coffee which can be poisonous for the insects. You can mostly use coffee grounds to kill few insects. They can easily kill mosquitoes and flies.

Can be used as a cleaning scrub
Coffee grounds can be used to clean hard surface. This helps to sterilize major bacterial properties. If you do not want to use cleaning agents then you can use leftover coffee grounds.

With these simple tips you should be able to never waste any more coffee.