Brew Cowboy Coffee

Like when making other kinds of coffee if you want to brew cowboy coffee the quality of the beans make all the difference. There isn’t really a recipe for making cowboy coffee, but more of a method. It involves boiling the the coffee grounds on either a campfire or a stove. Cowboy coffee is really simple to make and that is what makes it appealing to take it on the trails. If you like to have plain black coffee that tastes good then this is a method for you to try.

What you need to brew Cowboy Coffee.

  • Good quality ground coffee (fine or coarse based on your preferences)
  • Good quality water
  • Camping coffee pot
  • Good gloves as the pot will get hot

How to brew Cowboy Coffee at home on the stove.

  1. Measure out around 8 ounces of water for each cup you want to make.
  2. Bring the water to a boil before adding the coffee. Measure out a good scoop of coffee for each cup you want to make. Remember that the finer the grind is the stronger coffee you will get.
  3. Stir in the grounds, this helps to extract the flavor from the grounds.
  4. When the water reaches boiling lower the heat and let it gently simmer for about four minutes.
  5. Next take the pot of the stove and let the grounds settle to the bottom.
  6. To make sure that as much of the grounds settle to the bottom as possible, pour a little cold water into the pot.
  7. Pour into your favorite cup and enjoy.

How to brew Cowboy Coffee on a campfire.

  1. First of all you will need a campfire. Be sure to build the fire at a safe distance from buildings or the brush.
  2. With the campfire going put water in the coffee pot and place it on the the fire. When the water is close to boiling add the coffee.
  3. With the water boiling you can add crushed eggshells to the water. Adding eggshells adds calcium to the coffee and keeps the grounds from escaping during the boiling roll.
  4. Let the coffee boil for around four minutes.
  5. In order to settle the grounds add a bit of cold water to the pot.
  6. Pour into your favorite cup and enjoy.