Make Coffee in a French Press

Making coffee with a french press is a simple method to brew good coffee. The press was invented by french man that lived in Italy. Since it´s invention there have been some modifications done on the press. When you use a french press to make coffee it will be very rich in taste and the quality of the coffee will be very good if done right. Making the coffee is pretty straightforward and making a perfect cup for you and your friends is easy if you follow this simple step by step guide.

1. Heat the water to the right temperature

To get a perfect cup of coffee using the french press the water need to be heated up to 190 °F. It is important to remember not to let the water boil.

2. Grind the coffee

While you are bringing the water to the boil it is good to use the time to grind the coffee. The best practice is to grind your coffee just before you brew it for maximum quality. Measure out one table spoon of grounds for one cup of coffee, then add one table spoon for each additional cup of coffee you want to make.

3. Add the coffee grinds to the press

Remove the lid from the press and add hot water to the container to let it warm up. After the container has warmed up discard the water and add the coffee grinds to the bottom of the container.

4. Pour in the water

Pour in the water over the coffee grinds in the container just so that it covers the grinds and then give it a gentle stir. Cover the container and let it sit for about 30 seconds. Next pour the rest of the water over the grinds and give it another stir. Then put the plunger on top.

5. Wait

Let the press sit for between three and a half minutes to four minutes (not longer)

6. Press

After the waiting gently press the plunger slowly down. By pressing slowly you avoid mixing up the coffee grinds. After pressing it is best to decant the coffee. If you allow it to sit in the press it will keep on extracting making the coffee taste bitter.

7. Enjoy

This is basically it when making french press coffee. Next you can add sugar, cream or both based on your preferences.

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